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5 Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling is a major task on many homeowners’’ to-do lists. When a kitchen remodel is done properly, it can create a more efficient and attractive kitchen while also helping you increase the resale value and appeal of your home.

While remodeling your kitchen, it is important to keep in mind that it is a complex endeavor and isn’t a one-size-fits-all job. Mistakes can be made, and critical details can be overlooked, so to help you prevent any remodeling mishaps we came up with a few things to consider in advance.

Determine Your Budget

If your plan is to completely overhaul your kitchen, then you can expect to pay roughly 10% to 15% of your home’s current value. Having a budget within this range can help you ensure that your improvements and their quality remain in line with the value of your home.

Not spending enough should be a concern when budgeting, but you will also want to avoid overspending. As you calculate your budget, allow some leeway for surprises such as wiring issues or plumbing problems that may be discovered during the remodel.

Fit Your Kitchen to Your Needs

Are some of your family members above average height? Or shorter than average? With strategic design and shopping for the right time, you can make your kitchen easier and more efficient for them to use without having to pay for a specialized kitchen. You can instead have components of the kitchen designed and installed in a way that takes your family’s physical characteristics and lifestyle into consideration.

Don’t Skimp on the Lighting

Your kitchen is the central hub of your home. Proper lighting can keep you from having to work in the shadows or deal with glare. It is recommended to use a mix of lighting fixtures for layers of lighting such as task, accent, or mood lighting.

You can use recessed lighting for great overall lighting, whereas pendant lighting works great for dining areas or above a kitchen island. Be sure to also install separate lighting controls for each light source in a convenient location. Dimmers are another great feature to help you adjust your lighting based on the time of day.

Make Sure You Have Adequate Counter Space

It’s crucial to include plenty of open countertop space in your kitchen remodel to allow for space around each of your appliances. This will give you a place to chop veggies, set down hot pans, roll out the dough, and more, without feeling crowds. Consider how you use your appliance like your dishwasher or microwave each day and then work with a kitchen designer to adjust your kitchen to these daily habits.

Treat Yourself to Some of the Latest Trends

Maybe you love bright colors on the walls or want to purchase a set of green appliances. Before making these choices, be sure to take a step back think about how well the trend will age. Rather than using busy patterns or lots of bright colors, you should consider taking inspiration from these different trends and use them as accents, rather than the central elements of your design.

This will help your kitchen’s style age gracefully and remain popular with potential buyers rather than putting them off.

Professional Kitchen Remodeling Services

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