With our "INSPIRED BY YOU Design Method", we don't just create an interior design for you; we design your space with you directly involved every step of the way. Our team will work closely with you, listening to your preferences, lifestyle, routine, and your feedback to draft a design for your new kitchen, bathroom, or other room in your home to create a design that is sure to impress.


The INSPIRED BY YOU Lifestyle Questionnaire

The Lifestyle Questionnaire is a form you can fill out on our website that will help you better understand your goals and how you plan to use the remodeled space. By providing us with insight into your lifestyle, we can create ideas that are inspired by your unique day to day life, helping to ensure your new space fits in with your routine and needs. 

The questionnaire will include questions about what you plan to use the space for, the number of people the space needs to accommodate, etc. This allows us to create the space based on YOU



Education & Knowledge Sharing

We also think it is crucial for clients to understand their options when working with us on their design. So during the process, we will also make sure you understand your options of Good, Better, Best when it comes to items such as cabinets, flooring, etc. Other ways we educate and share knowledge include:

  • We will work with you to set a foundation to build and meet your expectations, budget, and needs.
  • Through this process of education and knowledge sharing, we are able to reduce mistakes which will save time and money.
  • We will share with you how we buy the best quality materials at the lowest cost and will educate you on our Buying Power, Supplier Support, and How Buying Direct benefits you.
  • We are continuously training ourselves in the most recent design trends and products so we can better educate and serve our clients.


Visualization Process & Conceptual Placement

After we've had a chance to study your lifestyle questionnaire, we will schedule a visit to your
home so we can get a feel for the space, visualize the designs, talk to you further about your
ideas, and take measurements so we can create an accurate layout of your design. 


Handle, Touch, Feel and See Samples and Products

Once you have fine-tuned your design, you will begin picking
out the materials for your new space. This is where we will have you handle samples and products to touch, feel and see them to get an accurate idea of what the products will look like for your design. This allows you to get a closeup look at their texture, see how the light hits them, and also see how certain materials look together. Products that you can expect to see include Cabinets, Cabinet Moldings, Countertops, Flooring, Sinks & Faucets, Handles & Hardware, and more! 

At Kitchen & Bath Galleria, we have partnered with and buy direct from top suppliers and manufacturers for over 30 years and have double the suppliers and inventory of other companies.


Advanced Computer-Generated Layouts

Using the information we have gathered through the Lifestyle Questionnaire and our in-home visit we will then move on to creating a design layout for your space using our Award-Winning INSPIRED BY YOU Design Program. This program allows us to create and share concepts and layouts for you that will help you visualize your new space. Because we take measurements during our home visit, our designs and layouts are accurate and detailed. This will help us save you time and costs on materials. 


Approval Process

After we've created a series of designs for you, you will review these designs and make any necessary changes. Once you've approved the designs, we will complete a work order that will cover every line item from removal to electrical and plumbing. Using this work order, we can provide you with a price quote which we will review with you and make any changes needed.

Since the work order covers every line item of your remodel, you won't have to worry about any surprise costs. Once you are satisfied with the price quote, we will move on to assisting you in selecting the products for your projects.



Proper installation of flooring, lighting, cabinets, etc. is crucial to their performance and longevity. Bad installation could result in costly repairs down the road. With our experienced team, you can rest assured that your installation is in great hands.  

The installation of your new kitchen, bathroom, or interior room will be completed by our dedicated team. We have trained and qualified electricians and plumbers on staff and do not use subcontractors, all employees, all the time. The owner is also present on every job site to ensure the work is done safely and to your requirements.


Customer Satisfaction

For over 30 years, Kitchen & Bath Galleria has served homeowners as True craftsmen and Home Builders. We understand the investment you have made in your home, and we want to help you get the most out of it! Our experienced team is focused on providing clients with the Caring, Compassionate, and Honest service they desire.

We welcome your creative input throughout the interior design process, and our team looks forward to new design opportunities. Our Inspired by You Methodology and detail-oriented approach will help you achieve the new kitchen, bathroom, or other interior space you've always wanted! 


Have questions or are curious about your next remodeling project? We can help! Read some of these frequently asked questions and their answers from our experts!

In assisting the design and remodeling process there are a few key steps that will help you reach a pleasant outcome. First, come up with a budget. Take note of changes along the way that may affect your budget. Secondly, keep the communication open between you and Kitchen & Bath Galleria. We welcome your input so we can share and collaborate ideas to accomplish the kitchen/bath of your dreams!

About half of the cost of your kitchen is a result of your cabinets. They will have the most impact on your budget. Their pricing is based on their quality, material, and will depend upon the decision to use stock or custom cabinets. Flooring, countertops, and backsplashes will also affect your price.

Yes, it is possible to make too many changes to your kitchen or bath. In fact, it can hinder the design process and usefulness of your space. Before you start with the creative design process you should analyze why you want to remodel.
Look through the current space think about what you like and dislike about it, what works about it, what could be better, and how you would like it use it.
Think about what items you want verses what you need.

Of course you can keep your existing flooring. You may want to keep it in mind when designing your kitchen or bath and incorporate it into one of the major colors used in the room. Typically your cabinets should be two shades lighter or darker than your floor. The only problem you may run into is changing your floor plan if you do not have extra flooring available but there are still ways to add storage without changing your floor plan.

  • The steps of the development of your bath or kitchen can be broken down into planning and designing, ordering materials, and the on-site work.
  • The actual on-site work will vary depending on the degree of work you wish to be done. We will provide you with an estimated timeline before we begin the project for your convenience.
  • In short, the timing of your remodel is completely dependent upon the extent of your project.
  • You will appreciate the fact that Kitchen & Bath Galleria will not leave your job once we start it. We will work straight through the remodeling/installation process until completed.



Why Choose

Kitchen and Bath Galleria

For over 30 years, Kitchen & Bath Galleria has been providing expert craftsmanship and building services to homeowners. With the owner present on every jobsite, we prioritize quality and attention to detail. Our team consists of trained and qualified electricians and plumbers, all of which are employees rather than subcontractors.

We value your creative input and welcome it throughout the interior design process. Our INSPIRED BY YOU Design Philosophy, combined with our caring, compassionate, and honest service, ensures that we help you achieve the kitchen, bathroom, or any other interior space you’ve always dreamed of.