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How to Choose the Right Shower

Choosing the right shower for your bathroom remodel can be challenging, compared to selecting other fixtures and fittings. When choosing a shower, there is more to consider before you can begin choosing the style and aesthetics.

From considering the type of plumbing system you have to whether you want a walk-in or over-bath shower and more, there are a variety of factors you need to consider before choosing a shower.

Choosing the Type of Shower

Technology is advancing every aspect of our home, including your shower. Although it may seem like a simple task choosing a shower can become a difficult task if you’re unsure what you want. You have to consider things such as your water temperature, water pressure, shower use, and so on. From electric to digital, there are a variety of different shower types to choose from including:


Currently, mixer showers are the most common type of shower installed and used in homes, so you are probably familiar with it already. A mixer shower uses hot and cold water supplies and mixes the water in the unit as it leaves the showerhead. This type of shower is best used for homes with a large hot water cylinder or combi-boiler since they rely on readily available hot water. You can add a pump if you have issues with low water pressure.


An electric shower heats water on demand by taking it from the mains cold water supply and passing it over the heating element in the shower unit. This helps you prevent running out of hot water and avoiding wasting or storing water, which can reduce overall efficiency.

Electric showers tend to be bulkier than mixer showers and require that a high-capacity electrical supply be run directly from the fuse box on a dedicated circuit. Keep in mind that the higher the kilowatt rating, the better your shower’s flow ill be. Electric showers are more affordable than a mixer shower and are very economical when it comes to water usage.

You can purchase more expensive electric showers equipped with integral pumps that are used to improve the flow rate. In many cases, electric showers are a popular option for second bathrooms since they are usually used during off-peak times.


A digital shower can be controlled by a panel anywhere within a 32ft radius of the shower. This panel works by communicating with the power unit, which is located in the airing cupboard or loft, adjusting the temperature and flow of the water.

Water at your preferred temperature is delivered through the wall or ceiling to the showerhead. No plumbing is visible, and they come as an electric or mixer option and can be operated using a remote control. You can even purchase digital showers that you can integrate with Amazon Alexa.


If you are looking for a way to prevent freezing or scalding, if someone lushes the toilet or turns on the tap, a thermostatic shower is a great option. With a thermostatic shower, you will set your desired temperature, and your mixer will automatically maintain the temperature by feeding in the proper amount of cold or hot water.

Finding the Right Shower Head

When it comes to choosing a showerhead, there are five common types to consider, including:

  • Fixed/Wall-mounted
  • Handheld
  • Handheld on a slider rail
  • Ceiling mounted
  • Showerhead combined with a series of body jets

Handheld showerheads come in handy, even if they are used for a second showerhead. Some handheld showerheads are available as pull-out fittings that can be placed back into their holder in the side of the shower. These are useful for rinsing off your messy pets, cleaning out your bathtub, etc. You can also have this type of showerhead fitted to a slider rail so you can adjust the height easily.

Another feature to consider aside from how the showerhead is mounted is the spray options. Larger showerheads sometimes referred to as rain showers, are typically ceiling-mounted and are designed to drench the user like rainfall. Another popular option is multiple-jet showers, which consist of multiple side jets and sprays.

Choose a Shower Tray

Unless you are choosing an over-bath shower, you will also need to choose a base or shower tray where the water can drain. You can find bases designed for enclosures and those that will lie flush with your bathroom floor to accommodate walk-in shower units.

One of the best options is a ceramic tray because they are known to be strong and stable. Enameled steel and acrylic are also great options. For an even more interesting look, you may even consider water-resistant

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