Open concept Kitchen

Open Concept Kitchens

Open-concept kitchens are a trend that we see more and more in our kitchen designs. This type of design allows for a more open space with a better traffic flow and allows you to utilize your living areas in brand new ways!
Open your space for more entertaining, accommodate a large family, or create a more spacious, trendy look.

What You Should Know About Open-Concept Kitchens

In an open-concept kitchen, we remove the barriers surrounding your kitchen and create one flowing space with your other nearby living areas such as your dining room and living room, creating a large area usually referred to as the “great room.” This concept was very popular in the ’90s and has begun to gain popularity again in recent years.

How will an Open-Concept Benefit My Household?

If you are looking for a way to make your kitchen look larger, then an open-concept kitchen remodel is the way to go. When you remove the barriers, you open up your line of sight, making the space larger and more accessible from other areas of the house. This also helps traffic move through your home with ease.

With an open-concept kitchen, you can create a perfect space for gathering with family and friends. This more spacious kitchen will become a hub of activity where you and your family can meal prep, complete homework, play games, and cook together in the same space!

When you entertain, you create the perfect space for sharing a meal or socializing without feeling cramped. You also allow in more natural light since the walls are no longer blocking out the sun. You can enhance your home’s functionality and experience while you live there and add value to your home when it is time to sell.

What are the Cons of an Open-Concept Kitchen?

While open-concept kitchens are great, they come with a few cons that may not be for everyone. With no walls surrounding your kitchen, it’s important to keep in mind that your kitchen is always on display. If you keep a clean and organized kitchen, this isn’t an issue for you, but if you tend to have more clutter in your kitchen, like most people, you may not want it on display.

Another drawback is that without the walls to absorb sound, noise is easy to hear and enhanced in this kitchen space. Storage space may also be reduced since you have to remove at least one wall, where you could have installed cabinets.

If you’re set on this type of kitchen but are hesitant about the drawbacks, there are solutions to ease your worries. You may consider adding sliding walls or doors to give you privacy when you need it. It is also common for homeowners to keep the kitchen and living room separate, opening the kitchen to the dining room.

Our team of professional designers can work with you to find solutions to any of your open-concept kitchen concerns.

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