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Top Kitchen Trends of 2020

The kitchen is the central focal point of the home where you and your family start and end each day together, sharing meals, and making memories with friends. If you are planning to remodel your kitchen, it is important to plan out your remodel using the newest technology and trends to create a welcoming and functional space everyone can enjoy.

With advances in technology and changes in social dynamics, there is a bigger focus on open concept kitchens where family and friends can gather, as well as clean and simple styles that utilize natural light for a modern, stylish look.

Dark Colored Cabinets for a Luxurious Feel

White cabinets offer a classic look that works great for almost any style of kitchen. Still, as 2020 continues, white cabinets seem to be giving way to cabinets in blues and greens as well as deeper jewel tones such as navy, emerald green, plum, and even black!

Dark-colored cabinets can bring an elegant, rich atmosphere to your kitchen, without overpowering the room. Homeowners searching for a bold look are having darker cabinets installed to create a trendy kitchen for 2020.

Cabinetry Designed for More Effective Storage

In many cases, the way that basic drawers and shelves in kitchen cabinets are structured, they leave a lot of unusable, wasted space. In some cases, the space left behind is too small for some of the larger kitchen items, or the space is too wide, with no way to efficiently organize and use the space.

Kitchen storage is a crucial part of your remodel. If the storage in your kitchen is inadequate, this can lead to a variety of challenges and frustrations. Luckily, in 2020, these storage frustrations have led to the increase in popularity of more effective storage solutions, such as appliance garages for small appliances, pull-outs for spices, roll-out trays and caddies for pots and pans, as well as tray dividers and wastebasket cabinets for garbage or recyclables.

These various storage solutions help you to streamline the kitchen while making it easier to store your drinks, food, and small appliances. This can help make your kitchen more efficient while making tasks such as cooking easier and more fun.

Streamlined, Clean Designs, Materials and Textures

Classic farmhouse and mid-century modern are still popular options for kitchen styles in 2020, but many homeowners are now looking for a more streamlined look in the overall style, design, and materials for their kitchen remodels. After a long day, we all enjoy coming home to a more stress-free environment, where we can let go of the stresses of the day. Simplicity helps to create a more relaxing environment, making modern, clean lines a trendy option for your new kitchen remodel.

Some ways homeowners are accomplishing this more streamlined style is by removing their upper wall cabinets to open up the visual space. This gives the kitchen a larger, brighter look while allowing you to utilize your counter space more efficiently. In many cases, people aren’t able to reach the tops shelves of their cabinetry, making open shelves a better alternative for storage space.

Don’t mistake streamlined for boring. If you choose to do open shelving, you can add flair with rough-cut wood or use metal tubing for a more industrial feel. You can also add backsplash tiles that are beveled or stacked to serve as a focal point. These materials provide an interesting texture to the kitchen, setting them apart from the usual glossy or polished finishes that are commonly seen.

Ceramic Flooring Options for Your Modern Kitchen

While hardwood flooring is still a favorite among homeowners who are remodeling their kitchens, ceramic tile is getting more attention this year. With advances in technology, ceramic tile is now available in a large variety of beautiful designs, stunning styles, and sizes.

Ceramic tile that looks like hardwood flooring is available, providing homeowners with a material that is easier to maintain with the beautiful look of hardwood flooring. Ceramic tiles can also be designed with the look and feel of natural stone to add interesting texture to your flooring. Ceramic tile is no longer limited by the traditional sizing and can be purchased in larger format tiles, single planks tiles that look like hardwood planks, or you can even have tile custom cut to create a unique patterned floor.

Hardwood is still a great option for kitchen flooring, but if you are looking to step outside of the box, the ceramic tile trends of 2020 can add style and a pop of color to your kitchen floor.

Smart Kitchen Technology for Added Convenience and Functionality

Technology is a part of our everyday lives and has even made its way into our kitchens. 2020 is seeing technology integrated into all kitchen functions and appliances, including the fridge and the lighting, creating what is called a smart kitchen.

Smart kitchens are changing the way kitchens are designed and, in some cases, homeowners who are remodeling or building a new home are having their kitchen built smart from the beginning. Older kitchens can also take advantage of the smart trend with sensors, smart gadgets, and other devices that can make their kitchen more convenient.

The possibilities for a smart kitchen are endless. From motion sense-equipped faucets that will turn on when they sense the presence of your hands to refrigerators that can remind you when your groceries are running low, smart kitchens are bringing you functionality and convenience to your 2020 remodel.

You can also add a lighting system that can be controlled from your smartphone or other devices. Many homeowners are experimenting with these technologies, making technology-integrated kitchens a popular choice for 2020.

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