Greg is the owner of Kitchen & Bath and has been providing designing and building services since 1986. With that much experience, he's become an expert in several types of home renovations.
Planning a kitchen remodel

Top Kitchen Trends of 2020

Author; Greg McBroom , April 30, 2020

The kitchen is the central focal point of the home where you and your family…

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New Game Room Remodel

How to Choose the Right Kitchen Countertops

Author; Greg McBroom , April 28, 2020

Countertops play a demanding role in your home. They need to be durable as well…

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Newly remodeled bathroom

Do I Need a Professional for My Bathroom Remodel?

Author; Greg McBroom , April 28, 2020

Renovating your bathroom or any room in your home may seem intimidating to many homeowners.…

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